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CO.L.MAR digital hydrophones for the environmental monitoring of the Adriatic Sea

Rete Natura 2000 is the main project of European Union policy for biodiversity conservation. It is an ecological network spread throughout the EU to guarantee the long-term maintenance of natural habitats and threatened flora and fauna species.

Within the Natura 2000 network, ECOSS (Ecological observing System in the Adriatic Sea) an Italian-Croatian project, is in charge to implement the infrastructure necessary for long-term environmental monitoring of the Adriatic Sea.

The National Research Council (CNR) is the Italian partner of reference for the ECOSS project and is using CO.L.M.AR MuPHydro programmable digital hydrophones appropriately customized for remote acquisition of the acoustic data necessary for submarine monitoring activities.

The CO.L.MAR MupHydro hydrophones have been designed to be used in long-term projects where high processing capacities

and long immersion duration (up to 25 years) are required.