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Supplying pool for acoustic calibration measurement on Fiber Optics, COLMAR Measurement Pool La Spezia 2019.


During these tests, low frequency sensitivity of fiber optics systems where tested down to 600Hz.

Pool for acoustic calibration measurements – Pressure testing service

The 8m deep indoor test pool is located inside COLMAR facilities in La Spezia, it is equipped with instrumentation for acoustic calibration, 4T crane, conditioned laboratory. It can provide a flexible approach to the most demanding testing requirements for wide range of underwater equipment from ROV’s to hydrophones.


  • Underwater acoustic equipment testing and calibration
  • Rov vehicle testing
  • Rov pilot training
  • Auv testing
  • Pumps testing
  • Seal test of large equipment

Technical specifications

  • Pool Dimension: 14m (lenght)
  • 11 m (width)
  • 8m (depth)
  • Crane load: 4T
  • Conditioned Laboratory: 8x3m
  • Acoustic calibration equipment*: Suitable for low frequency calibration
  • Range of calibrated reference hydrophones and transducers
  • Data acquisition hardware
  • Data processing software