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Archeological surveys



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Archeological surveys

Marine archaeological surveys are performed when it is necessary to obtain information about the presence of buried wreck or artefact.

This shall be necessary in case of marine-engineering works and beach nourishment, as indicated by national and international laws or guidelines (in Italy, Dlg. 42/2004).

Main geophysical methods applied to archaeology:

Morphological surveys (with side scan sonar or multibeam echosounder): allow to identify object on the sea floor or partially buried

High resolution seismic surveys (with sub bottom profiler, uniboom, etc…): allow to detect buried object and structures 


Data integration from different geophysical methodologies (SSS, MBES, SBP, magnetometer, video, etc) for wreck, objects, or anthropic structures recognition

Technical specifications

• Very high resolution equipment is used for high detailed seabed mapping to identify artifacts or archaeological features

• Unlike other archaeological methods, geophysical survey is neither invasive nor destructive. For this reason, it is often used where preservation is the main goal and to avoid disturbance of culturally sensitive sites.

• Long experience in survey may support for archaeology risk assessment.

• Video inspection by means of ROV or divers is required to confirm artifacts or features  

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