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Environmental databuoys supply and management



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The main goal of the marine environmental monitoring plan is to manage and to reduce any impact of human activities for dredging operations  or  to preserve sensitive habitats during  a pipeline, cable laying.

Enviromental databuoys supplied and managed by Colmar can perform all those monitoring activities before, during and after the intervenction like CTD profiles, water and sediment sampling, ROV and video inspections.


Thanks to its experience in oceanography and marine surveys, CO.L.MAR is able to supply  not only data buoys but also turn key services including  mooring system design, installation on site, data management and analysis, final reporting.

Technical specifications

Data buoys are designed to acquire, store and display a variety of oceanographic enviromental parameters.

The buoys can be equipped with a range of sensors to suit requirement for different scope of work (research, monitoring during dredging operations, meteoeceans, etc.


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