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Multibeam and single beam surveys



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mutlibeam and single survey

3D Multibeam Bathimetry Video in Portofino (Italy)

Harbour multi beam survey

Bathymetry would be performed by mean of singlebeam or multibeam echosounder.

The parameter to evaluate the quality of bathymetric survey is the reliability and accuracy obtained (up to 5x5cm by mean multibeam). 


Hydrographic surveys for all the marine purposes like dredging, marine construction, seabed habitats monitoring, beaches nourishing, etc, pier and breakwaters inspection..   

Technical specifications

• Hydrographic equipment and survey  procedures compliant with IHO standards

•  High frequency multibeam system (450kHz) up to 160° angular coverage, equidistance or equiangular beam forming

• Odom Hydrotrak 200kHz single beam system

• GNSS-aided Inertial Navigation System

• Real time or post processed tide correction


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