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MupHydro – Programmable digital hydrophone 



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MupHydro is a smart programmable digital hydrophone.

Conceived for long term deployments, each unit can be connected with up to 4 hydrophones and ambient sensors.

This smart hydrophone can be used for underwater acoustic event detection and subsea noise measurements. It can be also used for permanent underwater monitoring, such as in case of oil and gas, underwater security and biological monitoring.

Designed to stay underwater > 25 years @ 3000m depth with no exposed metal part.

Top performance in terms of signal processing capability and multi-interface.

It can be programmed for a wide range of applications.

technical informations


  • Acoustic event detection
  • Underwater noise measurements
  • Permanent underwater monitoring (oil and gas, underwater security, biologic monitoring)
  • Programmable underwater stations
  • Underwater data recorder (cabled or autonomous)
  • Installation on board of underwater vehicles (AUV, ROV, etc.)

Technical specifications

  • Simultaneous sampling of up to 4 hydrophones channels at rates of up to 500kS/s (for each channel)
  • Fixed or Variable Gain available on each channel
  • Capable of running high speed real time signal processing algorithms exploiting both FPGA with DSP extensions and the CPU
  • Local data storage, up to 32GB uSDHC
  • 1TB External SSD compatibility for increased capacity and speed
  • Onboard Accelerometer for attitude monitoring

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