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MupHydro – Programmable digital hydrophone 



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MupHydro – Programmable digital hydrophone 

After 5 years development Co.L.Mar. presents the MupHydro, a programmable, powerful,  versatile, multi-sensors tool. Conceived for long term deployments, each unit can be connected with up to 4 hydrophones and ambient sensors.

Top performance in terms of signal processing capability and multi-interface, it can be programmed for a wide range of applications. Designed to stay underwater > 25 years @ 3000m  with no exposed metal part.

technical informations


  • Acoustic event detection
  • Underwater noise measurements
  • Permanent underwater monitoring (oil and gas, underwater security, biologic monitoring)
  • Programmable underwater stations
  • Underwater data recorder (cabled or autonomous)
  • Installation on board of underwater vehicles (AUV, ROV, etc.)

Technical specifications

  • Simultaneous sampling of up to 4 hydrophones channels at rates of up to 500kS/s (for each channel)
  • Fixed or Variable Gain available on each channel
  • Capable of running high speed real time signal processing algorithms exploiting both FPGA with DSP extensions and the CPU
  • Local data storage, up to 32GB uSDHC
  • 1TB External SSD compatibility for increased capacity and speed
  • Onboard Accelerometer for attitude monitoring

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