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ALD Acoustic Leak Detector Inspection technique: ROV



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<1lt/min leak detected by ROV technique in SIngapore submarine area

ALD® ROV inspection technique

The ALD® system can be interfaced with a Remote Operated Vehicle to inspect for leak subsea installations including pipelines (in line inspection) and connections (point inspection). The ALD-ROV set is mainly composed by an acoustic sensor to acquire the acoustic data, a POD for pre-processing and digital conversion, a transmission line (the ROV umbilical), a surface receiver for hardware processing and an PC-based software to analyse and display the results. The sensor is installed on the ROV manipulator on a dedicated boom the POD is fixed to the vehicle frame.


This technique allows very accurate positioning of the sensor while the background noise generated by the vessel and the vehicle is reduced by precautions involving physical shielding, hardware filtering and signal processing.

The sensor has the same electrical requirements of a standard underwater camera  in order to be compatible with virtually any vehicle.

The power (12-30 Vdc) is supplied directly by the vehicle while the signal reaches the on board ALD® receiver trough the ROV umbilical.

Technical specifications


  • dimensions: 300 by 250 mm
  • weight in air: 5 kg
  • weight in sea water: 1 kg
  • frequency range: from 1 to150 kHz  
  • acoustic sensitivity: -165dB re 1V/uPa
  • max operating  depth: 3500 m


  • dimensions: 220 by 100 mm
  • weight in air: 4 kg
  • weight in sea water: 1 kg
  • max operating depth 3500 m

Accessories and optional configurations

In this configuration the following optional sensors can be installed: bubbles detector, methane detecor, dye detector, crude oil detector.

In ROV mode n°2 inspection procedures are available:

– In Line Inspection: the vehicle move along the pipeline while ALD scans it for leaks

– Point Inspection: the vehicle remains steady keeping the sensor in front of a target while ALD takes an acoustic picture

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