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Hydrophone AR0190XS



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The AR0190XS is a small hydrophone suitable for a wide range of applications requiring working frequencies up to the ultrasonic range (170 kHz).

This device has been developed to fit where no much space is available such as AUVs.

AR0190XS comes from the GP family with modified electronics and mechanics:

• High sensitivity

• low self noise

• Ultra small, fits everywhere

• Working ultrasonic band up to 170 kHz

• Single or differential output

• Calibration input (optional)

• Ultra Low Power version (optional)

• Customizable in cable lenght and connector type

Cetacean vocalisations cover a large range of frequencies from the very low infrasonic range, to the mid level frequency range audible by humans, to the extreme high frequency ultrasonic range. The frequency range at which marine mammals vocalise is based upon their hearing sensitivities and thresholds.

Most cetaceans make sound of some sort.

The whistles, screams, groans and clicks of cetaceans echo throughout the oceans.

Toothed whales mid-frequency tonal sounds to communicate and produce biosonar clicks to detect and locate objects.

Baleen whales tend to make low frequency tonal sounds.

technical informations

• Working band: 15 –170.000 Hz

• High pass filter on preamplifier : Customizable (on demand)

• Differential output sensitivity: -169 dB re 1V/uPa @5kHz

• Single output sensitivity: -175 dB re 1V/uPa @5kHz

• Directivity : Spherical – Omnidirectional

• Max working depth : 1000 m Gain @5kHz: 30dB (single output), 36dB (balanced output) Equivalent input acoustic noise @5kHz: 41 dB re 1uPa / sqrtHz

• Input impedance: 10 MOhm

• Supply voltage range: 12 to 16 Vdc (also available in 3,3 Vdc version)

• Current consumption: 11mA @ 12 Vdc

• Output voltage swing: 9 Vpp (single output), 18Vpp (differential output)

• Weight in air: 160 gr

• Body construction: Stainless steel AISI 316 

Accessories and optional configurations

Cable lenght and connector termination by choice

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Product sheet – Hydrophone AR0190XS