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Hydrophone DG1330



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Hydrophone DG1330

Spherical piezo-ceramic element, read-out by an analogue board splitting the signal in two lines with different gains (+46 dB and +26 dB respectively).
Two streams are sampled by a stereo 24 bit commercial ADC (CS-4270) and converted into AES protocol using a DIT (Digital Interface Transmitter).

Available with and without analogue signal high-pass filtering stage.

  • Filter frequency is 700 Hz, to reject the low frequency ambient sea-noise (which follows a 1/f shape, and flattens at about 5 kHz)
  • Not-filtered version can be also used for acoustic noise monitoring and marine bioacoustics.
  • Channels (2) with different gain
  • Very low self noise on both channels
  • Wide frequency range
  • High sensitivity, high dynamic range
  • 24Bit, up to 216 kHz sample rate
  • External 25MHz digital clock input or internal clock
  • AES/EBU interface
  • Customizable 

technical informations

• Working band: 5-90.000 Hz

• High pass filter on preamplifier : 700 Hz (on demand)

• CH1 output sensitivity: -156dB re 1V / uPa @ 5kHz

• CH2 output sensitivity: -176 dB re 1V / uPa @ 5kHz

• Directivity : Spherical – Omnidirectional

• Max working depth : 3500 m

• Gain @5kHz: 46 dB (CH1), 26dB (CH2

• Equivalent input acoustic noise @5kHz: 34 dB re 1uPa / sqrtHz

• Input impedance: 10 MOhm

• Supply voltage range: 9 -18 Vdc

• Current consumption: 100mA @ 12 Vdc

• Output: AES3 protocol

• Weight in air: 1600 gr with 4m cable

• Body construction: POMC (stainless steel inner core)

• Dimensions: 330 x 52 mm 

Accessories and optional configurations

• Protective frame
• Protective frame with suspension system for vibration damping
• Portable and rugged receiving unit fitted with variable gain adjustment, rechargeable battery, audio output, headphones output with volume knob, calibration signal.

Also available

• GP1280M model (without connector).
• Low Power version (from 3.1 Vdc to 5.5 Vdc, supply <5mA).

Ultra deep (up to 2000m) version.

• Custom cable lengths and connectors.
• POMC Body for long term deployments

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