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Hydrophone/Projector TD0190



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Hydrophone Projector TD0190

The Colmar TD0190 is an high frequency spherical hydrophone / projector, suitable for a wide range of applications.

As a receiver the frequency usable limits are 5Hz—170kHz, a pre-amplifier is recommended in order to enhance the S/N ratio and make the cable attenuation negligible. As a transmitter TD0190 offers omnidirectional pattern over the transmission resonant frequency bandwidth.

  • Omnidirectional, high frequency hydrophone / projector. Usable over a wide frequency bandwidht, up to 170kHz
  • Suitable for tank and free field calibrations
  • Sensitivity unaffected by hydrostatic pressure down to the recommended depth
  • Custom cable lenght and connector type

technical informations

Outside diameter: 19.0 mm (over insulation)

Molding material: Polyurethane

Cable Type: 50 Ohm Coax with internal kevlar reinforce ment and external poliurethane jacket

Resonance frequency at constant voltage: 149.5 kHz (nominal)

Transmitting sensitivity at constant voltage

Transmitting frequency range at constant current

Receiving sensitivity  with 8m cable: -208 dB //volt/μPa (@ resonance)

Horizontal beam pattern: Omni ± 1 dB @50kHz, Omni ± 2 dB @149.5 kHz, Omni ± 3 dB @170kHz                                                              

Source Level at resonance frequency: 143 dB// μPa/volt @1 m

Crushing depth: 5000 meters    

Maximum operating depth: 3400 meters (need special cable)

Capacitance (at 1 kHz): 3.94 nF (with cable 8m long)

Conductance at resonance: 4.35 mS

Susceptance at resonance: 2.97 mS  (with cable 8m long)

Working temperature: -5°C / + 80°C

Accessories and optional configurations

Cable lenght and connector termination by choice

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Product sheet – Hydrophone/Projector TD0190