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Hydrophone/Projector TD0280



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Hydrophone Projector TD0280

The Colmar TD0280 is a mid-high frequency spherical hydrophone / projector, suitable for a wide range of applications. As a receiver the frequency usable limits are 5Hz—90kHz., a pre-amplifier is recommended in order to enhance the S/N ratio and make the cable attenuation negligible. As a transmitter TD0280 offers omnidirectional pattern over the transmission resonant frequency bandwidth.

Omnidirectional, mid-high frequency hydrophone / projector. Usable over a wide frequency bandwidht, up to 90kHz
Suitable for tank and free field calibrations
Sensitivity unaffected by hydrostatic pressure down to the reccomended depth
Custom cable lenght and connector type

technical informations

Outside diameter : 30.0 mm (over insulation)
Molding material : Polyurethane,
Cable Type: 50 Ohm Coax with internal kevlar reinforce ment and external poliurethane jacket
Resonance frequency at constant voltage : 64.3 kHz (nominal)
Transmitting sensitivity at constant voltage
Transmitting frequency range at constant current
Receiving sensitivity with 8m cable : -196 dB //volt/μPa
Horizontal beam pattern : Omni ± 1.5 dB @64kHz
Source Level at resonance frequency : 147 dB// μPa/volt @1 m
Crushing depth : 5300 meters
Maximum operating depth : 3600 meters (need special cable)
Capacitance (at 1 kHz) : 12,75 nF (with cable 8m long)
Conductance at resonance : 8.07 mS
Susceptance at resonance : 3.15 mS (with cable 8m long)
Working temperature: -5°C / + 80°C

Accessories and optional configurations

Cable lenght and connector termination by choice

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