TMPC – Trans Mediterranean Pipeline

 In Project

In Autumn 2019 Colmar has supplied personnel and equipment for the survey of the offshore approach of the TMPC pipeline, Sicilian Side.

Colmar had been engaged 3 times in the past on this maintenance inspection.

The inspection required by the SOW included: side scan sonar and multibeam survey, ROV visual inspection, pipe tracker and onshore topography.

As usual in that part of Mediterranean Sea wind and waves made challenging to work in shallow water. 

However standing-by in Sicily in much better than in many other parts of the world.

Seafloor mapping and classification

Bathymetric surveys are carried out every time is requested to know in details the seafloor morphology and habitats:

  • inside harbors to check minimum draft, for dredging estimation or as preliminary survey;
  • outside the port to monitor erosion phenomena, sensitive habitats or to observe the effect of a beach nourishment;
  • in open water as preliminary survey for marine constructions (wind farms, oil and gas facilities and pipe and cable laying).


Fast and accurate methodologies can provide a seabed image of wide areas with the full coverage.

Technical specifications

•Dual frequencies (100-500kHz) side scan sonar

• Acoustic backscattering from high frequency multibeam system

•  Real time mosaicing

• Fast data playback for quality asessment